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RED Baufeld GmbH


The RED Baufeld GmbH was founded in 2015. Our company’s headquarters is in Hamburg, Germany, we have a wide horizon. We have many years of experience in real estate development, project management and in investing in real estate. We specialized in the development and construction of attractive and sustainable residential, retail and hotel properties.

Our current projects have a total investment volume of approx. € 200 million.
Approx. 540 residential units on more than 38,000 m² residential space and approx. 18.000 m² commercial/retail spaces are in existence and or being developed

We are always looking for development or investment opportunities.


Our core business is the project development. We either hold the objects developed by us for the long-term in our portfolio or we place them in the market for sales. In addition, we are also your competent partner for the purchase and sale of properties and real estate, for the configuration and development, for the project planning and project management, for the preparation of land usage plans and development plans as well as for negotiations of urban development contracts. We are able to offer a wide range of services due to experienced and reliable cooperation partners we work with.


Buildings are built for people – we are aware of this. Therefore we pay special attention to ecological and social sustainability in our project developments. We protect the environment and the natural resources (“green building”). It is our aim to construct today buildings of lasting value for tomorrow. In doing so, we combine architectural requirements with social responsibility: Constructing for families, people with disabilities and senior citizens is an investment in the future of our society.


Construction is a matter of trust. You may rely on us that we abide by the regulations, standards, agreements and self-imposed expectations. We feel just as committed to the standard of ecological and social sustainability, transparency and fairness as to law and statute.
Take us at our word: Construct with us – we are constructive.


We are constructive – construct with us.

chief executive officer

Timo Weiland

chief executive officer
office manager

Jutta Stephan

office manager
team assistant

Talia Günther

team assistant

Leon Wankum

business & property development

Jörn Frommann

business & property development
assistant projectmanager

Jan-Philipp Hasenberg

assistant projectmanager




We are constantly looking for built-upon properties or undeveloped properties capable of being developed in the North German region with a realistic potential for the development of residential, retail and hotel buildings. In addition, we are also looking for apartment houses and residential complexes in and around Hamburg.


You will find information about our projects here

Project News

  • Suelldorfer-Landstrasse-Hamburg-1

    Einleitungsbeschluss für den B-Plan „Sülldorf 24“

    Hamburg, Sülldorfer Landstraße 196
    Oktober 2017
  • projekt-main-winterhudermarktplatz-3

    Erteilung der Baugenehmigung zum Dachgeschoßausbau

    Hamburg, Winterhuder Marktplatz 21a-d
    Dezember 2017
  • Hamburger-Wappen_klein

    Erwerb eines Immobilienportfolios von 18 Immobilien in der Metropolregion Hamburg

    Mai 2018
  • Hermann-Balk-Strasse-4

    Erteilung der Baugenehmigung zur Aufstockung von drei Geschossen

    Hamburg, Hermann-Balk-Strasse 129-131
    Mai 2018
  • projekt-main-anzengruberstrasse

    Baubeginn eines Mehrfamilienhaus mit 8 Wohnungen

    Hamburg, Anzengruber Straße
    Oktober 2018


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